great trip -- hospital night notwithstanding

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Escrito por Donna desde ( el día martes, 23 de agosto, 2005 a las 16:23:17 horas :

We got back last weekend after a 10-day trip to Zihua. We stayed at the Villa Mexicana on LaRopa, and it was an absolutely perfect place to stay -- Mexican owned, immaculate,friendly, reasonably priced, restaurant decent.

Great meals at Gula in Madera area. Also enjoyed breakfast at the little deli Oli (?) a block in from the fishermen downtown -- lovely patio, great iced OJ, and good
croissants. Very pleasant staff.

Our otherwise wonderful trip was marred by me getting very sick. I had a temperature of 104! due to what turned out to be an infection. Important Note: NOT related to Mexico, food or water. I went via cab to Clinic Maciel (sp?) in Zihua and was treated very well. Was admitted, put on IV, given Ciprio, and thrown into the shower for what seemed like an hour to get temperature down. Stayed the night, with frequent nurse and doctor visits all night, and sent back to the hotel and fun the next day! My doc here at home checked the tests they ran, said the clinic did everything exactly as he would have done....although he probably wouldn't have released me quite so quickly after such a high temp. Thank goodness I speak Spanish, though. Scary enough to be in the hospital, can't imagine it without being able to communicate.

Two negatives:
I had debated about getting a car, reserved one thinking we'd want to travel around a bit. Fees "sprung" on me at the airport (Budget) so cancelled -- good thing, it woudl have been more trouble than worth. The incident left a very bad taste, though.

Las Gatas -- We hated the gauntlet after getting off the panga. Ultimately at the end of the day, we were ripped off for "umbrella" rental fee of $7.50 each, even though we had agreed in advance to a minimum and had met it by eating lunch and drinking several beers. This happened at yellow umbrella place near the end just before the pink umbrellas. As much as I love snorkeling, the hassles just weren't worth it.

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