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This isn't a true trip report - just a few observations on our 6th trip to Zihuatanejo in the last 8 years.
Villa Mexicana: our first stay at this hotel: Very pleasant and well maintained and lovely rooms if you are fortunate enough to snag an ocean view room. The good: in-room safes, very clean, friendly staff. The bad: no room refrigerators. Lousy coffee -we usually had breakfast at Patys next door.
Places we dined:
La Sirena Gorda - great fish and shrimp tacos
Kau Kan - wonderful ambiance, good food, quite expensive, and the sauces were overblown.
Puerta del Sol: moderate prices, excellent food.
La Gula: no view, but good food, a very charming hostess/owner.
Casa Vieja: always good with good service
Casa Bahia: great views, good food.
Tomales Any: very inexpensive, good tomales if you can figure out the menu.
Blue Mamou: decent ribs, wonderful music - a must do in Zihua.
Other ramblings:
Weather: it seemed cooler, cloudier, and windier than in past visits, although the weather was still good overall.
Change: it was a constant battle to obtain small change for tips and purchases. When I used the Banamex ATM all I received was 500 peso bills -just about useless.
La Gaviota (the seagull): I witnessed a seagull on Playa La Ropa in obvious distress dig a hole in the sand and cover herself in the face of the oncoming tide. An hour later she was swept out to sea.
Meeting Lupita (I think). I asked a young attractive, elegant lady for directions in my halting Spanish. She replied in Spanish and quickly realized that I didn't understand so she repeated the directions in English. I later realized that I was outside Lupita's shop.
Prices: prices seem to be going up in Zihua, 10peso beer is now 20 pesos and meals are more expensive, but I still really enjoy the experience and the people.

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