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Escrito por RJ desde ( el día miércoles, 14 de septiembre, 2005 a las 22:51:51 horas :

En respuesta a: Pacifica, Ixtapa escrito por Jan desde ( el día martes, 13 de septiembre, 2005 a las 14:56:33 horas :

We stayed there for a week this past June. It didn't rain once. We were hoping for sun and hot weather. We got EXACTLY that. I think we saw a few scattered clouds on one day but even those were minimal. The humidity really wasn't that bad at all. Best weather of any vacation. Loved it. Staff is fantastic. Don't worry about getting around the grounds - it's a fun experience. We had fun on the back of the pick ups and the view from the gondola never got old. Probably least crowded part of the beach too. Nothing but good things to say about Pacifica. The AI is just part of life there I guess so don't sweat it at this point. Just consider the AI to include maybe the best staff you've ever dealt with, the least crowded part of the beach, best views around, and fun entertainment each night. I wasn't much of a cruise-ship-type nightly entertainment type guy but Pacifica's entertainment team changed me. They work so hard to make it fun for everyone - young and old. The dance team could play Vegas in my opinion too. Get there early for the Mexican fiesta. Great show. Lots of energy. You'll have a ball. If you get Super Mario to carry your bags, you'll witness feats of strength like none other. Dude carried ALL of our bags from the check in and it was probably 95 that day. Probably carried them 4 different sets of stairs and didn't miss a beat. Out of his mind. Don't ignore the "Way to Go" tickets they give you at check in to recognize 2 staff members who made your trip that much better. We gave ours to 2 really great people and I'm not sure what it gets them, but they were both very pleased when we gave it to them. Have fun.

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