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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día lunes, 26 de septiembre, 2005 a las 00:35:17 horas :

En respuesta a: driving the car escrito por Linda from Canada desde ( el día domingo, 25 de septiembre, 2005 a las 15:10:04 horas :

You are allowed to drive a vehicle imported by your husband, even if he is not present. Only Mexican nationals and immigrants are not allowed to drive it unaccompanied.

The wording on the permit is somewhat confusing. Here is what it says if you want to judge for yourself:

Authorized persons to drive a Temporary Imported Vehicle in Mexico:


-Vehicles imported by foreign nationals:

The importer, the importer's spouse, parents, children, or siblings (even when they they [sic] are not foreign nationals), by an immigrant receiving a pension from a foreign government or from investments abroad (retired income-holders), a non-immigrant except those with refugee or political asylum status, or a Mexican national, provided that said person is accompanied by anyone authorized to drive the vehicle.

I believe the thing about accompanied by "anyone authorized to drive the vehicle" means only Mexican nationals, refugees , and permanent immigrants who are not directly related to the importer need to be accompanied. Otherwise it would have said "provided said person is accompanied by the importer".

Either way, I'm 99% sure this means the spouse, siblings, children and parents are allowed to drive the vehicle unaccompanied.

State and local police have NOTHING to do with customs enforcement. It is my understanding that only "fiscal police", and perhaps Federal police can give you a problem.

You don't even have to show your import permit to a regular traffic cop if you get pulled over. And if he asks for it, don't give it to him cause he's probably corrupt.

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