Question for Rob regarding visiting schools

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Escrito por Sue desde ( el día viernes, 07 de octubre, 2005 a las 10:33:50 horas :

We have visited Zihua many times over the last few years. This year we are planning to bring our adult children and wish to show them our favorite sites. We plan to visit Laura and I will contact her to see what is needed for the library or the school in La Barra. One year we visited the Netza school. To us outsiders it appeared to be a wonderful and charitable project, teaching children Spanish so they could attend public schools. Now I am wondering, is the Netza school considered part of the squatter problem? I have read the the thoughtful posts written by both you and Laura on this subject and wish to be respectful to needs of local government.
Too often, well intended visitors push their way into a situation without knowing the facts!!!

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