¿El Riscalillo?

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde (dsl-201-154-130-16.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día martes, 11 de octubre, 2005 a las 12:32:07 horas :

En respuesta a: Can you guess where this is? escrito por Jimb desde (8.205-207-168.dynamic.connection.ca) el día martes, 11 de octubre, 2005 a las 11:38:22 horas :

I've walked most of the coastline that's walkable from Playa La Ropa to Playa Larga, and your photos look like they were taken along that stretch of coastline around the little cove known as El Riscalillo. Am I close?

I've always thought that coastline looks like it's from another planet. Great photos! I loved the names you gave them, too.

It's sad to see that coastline being torn up, if not from the development then from people who are simply destructive. Not too many years ago at Playa Manzanillo I watched a chubby little kid heave a large rock over and over until he broke off a small piece of a ledge of rock at the water's edge, and I knew then that the place would change more in the next span of a human lifetime than it had in the past million years or so.

Now they are building a major highway through there from the airport to La Ropa ostensibly so that some people won't have to feel uncomfortable driving past the squalid homes of the impoverished and squatters that grow like mushrooms on our hillsides. In other words the government says it is to benefit tourism. Actually, I think it has more to do with the granting of big juicy government contracts to the companies of certain influential parties (no, not Halliburton in this case) in exchange for their cooperation in backing the land swindle that allowed Cerro del Vigía (the hill above La Ropa and Las Gatas) to be developed into a megaproject for the corrupt and influential. The road will benefit those particular folks more than the tourists, many of whom I believe prefer to see Zihuatanejo in all its raw beauty and ugliness.

Oh, and the government recently expropriated a large chunk of land at El Riscal for the new "V.I.P." residence.

So it's a good thing you have those photos so that you can cherish the memories of what soon will be forever lost!

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