Bad news for ecologists and tourists

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día miércoles, 12 de octubre, 2005 a las 09:43:58 horas :

Once again, the local municipal government has betrayed the taxpaying residents as well as the visitors to Zihuatanejo by changing the zoning for lands currently occupied by squatters and removing its designation as a protected ecological zone. Perhaps you'll recall that a couple of years ago they changed the zoning for Cerro del Vigía, removing its designation as a "zona ecológica" in order to allow the megaconstruction of luxury housing. Puerto Mio enjoyed a similar victory over locals, and now on both sides of the bay bulldozers and blasting are reshaping the hills and making way for roads and luxury housing for the elite.

Now they've changed the zoning for the lands occupied by our local land thieves, so that more of our once green hillsides will now be ruined forever, in a parodious imitation of the disaster that has become Acapulco. As has happened in other areas where irregular settlements have been legitimized and titles given to their new owners, many of the lands will doubtlessly now be quickly sold by their new owners, which was their goal all along, and squatters shacks will be soon replaced with brick and concrete structures in those areas while new squatters shacks will appear in others... and why not? It certainly appears that if you steal land in Zihuatanejo the municipal authorities will reward you for it. And that fact is certain to only continue attracting more squatters seeing as their population doubled in the past three years after the municipal government promised they would not remove them.

Maybe I'm in the wrong business?

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