Re: Las Brisas Room Selection?

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Escrito por Sara desde ( el día jueves, 13 de octubre, 2005 a las 18:02:31 horas :

En respuesta a: Las Brisas Room Selection? escrito por Old Fish desde ( el día jueves, 22 de septiembre, 2005 a las 12:44:23 horas :

Hope you read's kind of far down on the list of messages now. But anyway, my husband and I having been staying at Las Brisas for's the reason we keep staying in Ixtapa rather than in Zihua....I love the hotel. In my opinion the price difference between the regular room, which we always book, and the beach club or suites is not worth the price difference....which is a lot. We were moved to the beach club floor one year because of a plumbing problem in our room. The rooms are exactly the same. The difference is in the "extras", continental breakfast, etc. We've never stayed in a junior suite but have seen one. It's nice but, in my opinion, not worth all that extra money. The regular rooms are beautiful and all have great views and the same huge balcony. Hope that helps.

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