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Note: In following the spirit of this message board, these trip reports will not promote any facility by name. If you want to contact me by email at, please feel free to do so. Rob, of course you are welcome to edit this posting to meet your standards!

Trip Report 1-8 Oct. Followed our usual practice of staying overnight on Friday, Sep 30, near SeaTac to catch the early morning flight to Zihua via plane change in L.A.

Flight down uneventful. Hit the green light and rented a car for two days for $570 pesos including taxes (yes, this is off season rate). Note: Rate is slightly cheaper if you pick up car in downtown Zihua (no airport tax) and you can drop it off downtown or the airport.

Made a quick hit at the Commercial Mexicana for the necessaries (booze isles blocked off??) and on to our accommodations in La Barra de Potosi. We took the beach road and it is in need of repair but this is Mexico and we are in no hurry. This will be a six week stay and then a return trip on January 10 for 10 more weeks. Staying at new accommodations, we are the first guests-itís gggrrrreaatt!!!!

Sun, Oct 1, into Zihua. Streets virtually deserted. Most establishments closed. Went to beachfront and found a restaurant open that would serve cocktails. Whatís going on here? Oh, it is election time and no booze most places, only those with special licenses on the beach I think. Major shopping trip to Commerical Mexicana to stock our pantry (still no booze). Lotís of pastries, avocados, tomatoes and other local produce. Love those smoked pork chops! Also the roasted chicken, pollo ranchero.

Mon, Oct 2, into Commercial and stocked up for the bar-elections are over. Dropped off car and rode back to La Barra with a friend.

Our accommodations: Two room bungalow with bath. Kitchen and bedroom, both large and spacious and airy. Full length patio across front, Ĺ covered and Ĺ uncovered. Styled in finest Mexican tradition, stucco walls with red tile roof, pavers for floors, etc. Beautiful landscaping. No pool yet but will be in by next season. On site Laundromat for your use or pay the staff to do it (about $12 a week for two and we change clothes more than once a day). We do our own dishes.

Our Cingular North Amercian plan works perfect and you can even get on the internet with the cell phone thru GPRS (pretty slow). Also have access to internet thru satellite and this works great. I am a semi-retired consultant and can do a major part of my work from here now. I can highly recommend this area for those of you who can bring your laptop and telecommute on a project. Extended stays are highly recommended (at least two weeks)

Tuesday through Friday: we are caught on tail end of Tropical Storm Stan that crossed from west to east with major flooding in Acapulco, Chiapas and Yucatan peninsula (so we are told, we donít have major access to the news media). Tropical showers every day and night, warm rains + strong breezes.

Surprisingly large amount of activity at the Enramadas. Some gringos but mostly Mexican families and Mexican tourist busess. Food still great, beer up 15% (12 pesos most brands). Great lunch for two (sopes, fish tacos and avocado stuffed with fresh whole shrimp in mayo sauce) and 5 drinks at Enramadas for $220 pesos including tip.

This has been a great first week. No mosquitoes, nice breezes, moderate temperatures. Got re-acquainted with old friends, all ex-pats or locals.
More in next report, Oct 9 Ė 15.

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