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Note: In following the spirit of this message board, these trip reports will not promote any facility by name. If you want to contact me by email at, please feel free to do so. Rob, of course you are welcome to edit this posting to meet your standards!

Trip Report Oct 9-15: Weather has settled into predictable pattern: Calm cool mornings, heating up into the afternoon and breezes build to strong but comfortable levels into the evening. Humidity is high but we have been coming for six years during the Jan-Mar time frame and this autumn trip seems cooler and more comfortable.

Our days are predictable. Up at 8, coffee, walk, breakfast, shower. Buy fresh warm tortillas from street vendor at 9 a.m., 6 pesos for ˝ kilo (~1 lb or 18-24 tortillas)-I love them with marmalade fresa. He also has fresh bread rolls, cheese and other specialties on some days. Maid comes to clean at 10 a.m. Project work on the laptop and a quick trip to the internet (not every day) to catch up on the office work at home. Lunch at Enramadas every other day or every third day. The Enramadas on the beach at Barra de Potosi close at around six; our favorite evening option is Dona Ami’s (“downtown”, 2 blocks east on main street), not an extensive menu but very tasty and reasonable. There is one Enramada that serves meals in the evening, up the road at BrisMar, just south of Villas Playa Blanca. Watch closely for the sign or the red arrow. Delicious food, wonderful hostess “Bris”. Speaks good English. This is local fare made fresh for each order so don’t get in a hurry! 2 large appetizers, 2 entres, two fancy desserts (ok, vanilla ice cream with Kailua, it’s fancy on the beach) and WAY too many drinks, $550 pesos including tip. Romantic sunset to die for-- OK, so I did a little promoting here!

Oh yes, every other day we buy 6 tamales and two corn on the cobs from a street vendor. The tamales can be sweet or plain, the corn on the cob is smeared with cheese and doused with salsa type sauce. He also has goat cheese which we buy occasionally. This fellow starts from Los Achotes every morning on a 3 wheel bicycle, goes a side road thru one of the villages then onto the beach road and down to Barra de Potosi and then back to Los Achotes via the main road. About 8 hours, 7/365.

One trip to Zihua this week to put final touches in the pantry. Every trip I visit a few more stores in the core district and make discoveries. Like a computer store and an electronics store that have a knowledgeable staff, a nice selection in stock and very reasonable prices. In a hardware store, I bought some rope (it sells by the kilo, not meter or foot) and small iron hooks so I can make different locat1ons to the hang the hammock on the palm trees to stay out of the sun. There are consumer goods for virtually everything (if they don’t have it, you don’t need it). And the fresh veggies and fruits are wonderful and cheap! No, they don’t add artificial color and wax the produce but also they let them grow naturally and the intensity of the flavor and texture beats anything you can buy in US. Caution: The produce is ripe and ready to eat so don’t buy more than you will eat in 2 or 3 days, 4 at most.

We do a lot of reading. We also talk a lot, or as my mother-in-law likes to say, “we have a lot of time to visit”. It is good for the soul and for the relationship. We keep in touch with the family by cell phone mostly.

Other than the bungalows where we are staying there hasn’t been any growth since last year. Roads still in need of repair. The lagoon is open and the fishing boats come and go. Also have seen a few tourist trips go out. Have heard (almost seen) 3 coconuts drop from the trips near our patio. I always wonder if they even hit anyone. Seems to me they could put a severe dent in your head!

No, it’s not Los Cabos, Cancun, Ixtapa or even Zihautanejo, Oxaca or San Miguel but for some strange reason we love it here! More next week.

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