1st timer trip report

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Escrito por Trish desde (c-24-15-101-211.hsd1.il.comcast.net) el día domingo, 03 de abril, 2005 a las 20:53:52 horas :

Let me start by saying: THANK YOU- All the excellent tips did help with my stay in ixtapa. I did not find out about this board before booking and I knew nothing about the IX/Zihu area. I booked at Melia Azul.. it was okay, but honestly I do not think I will ever do an AI anywhere again. I like to venture out too much. With all that said, my favorite beach:
PLAYA LARGO/A : oh my gosh, how beautiful. We plopped ourselves in front of Popeyes. We were taken out there via taxi 180 pesos from the MElia. Four of us- well worth the trip.
My sister and I took a day trip to learn more about the culture and I would probably never go back to IXTAPA, but to go ZIHU in the future-- i was captivated by the people and there pleasant ways.
I went to many places mentioned on this board. Rick's Bar and I did meet Rick--I felt like I was meeting a celebrity after reading about him here. He gave us a drink of his special liquor, that was yummy. Josie was playing and all were gearing up for the guitar festival starting today.
We went to BANDITOS and ate and saw an older couple salsa dancing to the excellent music.
Another early evening we went to Momma Normas and Debrohs and we met Deborah.
I gotta tell you we had excellent service everywhere. The taxi drivers were all courteous and we had no problems with any of our bills.
THIS BOARD HELPED ME ENOURMOUSLY-- My girlfriends kept calling me "Julie" from the love boat because I had so many places to see and things to do.
One more thing-
85 - 90 and sunny everyday and OH MY GOODNESS---The sunsets ROCK!!!
Pictures to come.

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