Trip report...1st part...going to be long... :)

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Escrito por Ellie in NY desde ( el día lunes, 04 de abril, 2005 a las 11:02:15 horas :

We had an unexpected snow storm the day before we left dumping about 8" here in upstate NY. Bubuy !!!

Day 1 -Left for JFK at 5:30, plane was delayed about 30 minutes for our departure. Strong headwinds delayed our arrival in Mexico City, so we missed our 3:30 connecting flight to Zihua.BUT we were on vacation. Had a 'few' cold cerveza's and a bite to eat before our 5:50 departure to Zihua. We taxied so long on the runway, I thought we were driving the plane down. Finally...TOUCHDOWN ZIHUATANEJO - YIPPEE. Our group of 7 made it through red light/ green light with no problem. We were able to get a suburban to take us all to the Brisas Del Mar for $460 pesos, pretty good I thought. We arrived at our hotel at 7:30pm. The temperature was cooler than previous trips, but much warmer than NY.

Hotel Brisas Del Mar: Our reservations worked out great. We got 3 wonderful rooms. There was no purified water in the large containers this year. There is a new little store right across from the hotel though, so it was easily obtained there. Each mini fridge had water & soda in it (???) not sure if we were charged or not. Each room had a hair dryer and a coffee pot and beautiful , fluffy white robes. Some had dressers others did not. Being that it was getting late, and we were all pretty tired we walked down to their restaurant. Many changes. The pool area looked beautiful, new lounges and bathrooms added in that area. Kitchen area all fixed up very nice, new bathrooms in restaurant area. Above the restaurant is a huge white cover that some have viewed with disappiontment. It didn't bother me. It really keeps the sun & rain off of the seating area, and probably will last longer than the palapas do ??? Dinner was quite an assortment. On our table was everything from mahi-mahi (good but didn't care for the sauce on it), shrimp (excellent big shrimp served on a bed of deep fried parsley - not at all greasy, crunchy with a squeeze of lime all over was super), pasta (was just what I needed after a long day of travel), tuna (was great) and pizza (was just ok, but did the trick this night). With drinks & coffee our bill was $250 pesos each. The beach area looked very nice. Adequate blue & white lounge chairs and palapas all around, very clean. After dinner we went to our rooms. Sat out on our balcony for awhile. Wonderful. The sky was very dark with thousands of twinkling stars. Looking at that and listening to the gentle waves breaking on the shore made me realize, once again, that it is worth the long wait to get here.

Day 2 - I was up at 5:30 am. You might think I am nuts but I love the morning, and it is 6:30 at home. I fixed coffee and went out to our balcony. The sky is still dark and the stars are still twinkling , their reflection easily visable in the ocean before me. Slowly lights began to come on across the bay. My son and his girlfriend joined my husband and I on our balcony. It is their first trip to Zihua and so wonderful to begin this day together. Slowly beautiful streaks of pink started washing thoughout the sky from the east. As the stars disappeared, the pink was now being joined by a beautiful cerelean blue. The birds began to sing a welcoming song to us all. Slowly movement began down on the beach with people walking and jogging. I somehow was able to find my sneakers in my very large bag, stuffed with way too many clothes (I do it every time ???) At 7am I started out on my long awaited walk .The walkway along the ocean shows some wear & tear since last year. Many of the ropes are frayed and even missing in places. Graffity has marred some
of the rocks. The restaurants are not open yet , but they are getting ready for their day. People are raking, washing down sidewalks and setting their tables and chairs up.The basketball court is empty & spotless. Someone made a sand sculpture in the gazabo.The sculpture now has rivers of sand falling down but resembeled an alligator, very detailed. The fishermans area was bustling with activity. As I walked down the pier I noticed the dividing fence, with is new since last year. I heard it was to seperate the tourists from the cruise ships from the fisherman trying to get to their boats...good idea. The roadway leading to the pier has also been redone. Nice. I continued walking back & forth thestreets of Zihua, just taking it all in. Joined my family ay Tata's for breakfast. They have redone their bathrooms,beautiful tile work all around but not a drop of water ??? We went to get a few essentials in town and then went back to the Brisas to spend the day on the beach. Massages at Bungalows Lei - $20 USD for an hour of heaven. Lunch at MJ Ritchies was great, chicken burritos $5.50 USD. An afternoon nap and shower got us ready for the evening. Dos per uno at the Catalina/ Sotovento was next . Then cabs to Zihua to Pollo Loco for dinner. Just good food, chicken & rice...all we needed.Next it was on to Pacallos to meet old friend, dance and sing with the band. Sometimes we just don't know when to stop. I guess we just want to get in as much as we can while we are here PLUS we are New Yorkers and never slow down...will try and work on that tomorrow!

Will continue later because I am back to the NY rat race of every day life...:(

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