quick trip report - Catalina and Casas Gregorio

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Just got back from a wonderful vacation in Z and T, family of five - we had a wonderful time.

I won't post every meal, but here is some of the big picture:

Catalina - awesome place. we had a casita and might have to splurge for a bungalow next time. Nice locat1on though - only one "flight" from the beach. We did not mind the stairs and loved the layout and character of the hotel. Pool was great, and usually quiet. Palapas were never a problem.

Food got to be pretty expensive (for family of 5) so we bought groceries at the comerical mexicana for breakfasts and lunches.

Had a wonderful meal prepared by the cook when we came back from fishing. Also ate at Elviras and Paty's - both were excellent.

Also had a nice day at Las Gatas. TEH snorkling was good, and we really enjoyed a sailboat ride there and back with Juan.

Troncones - we stayed at Casas Gregorio for the second half of our stay. Absolutely wonderful. Ernie was a great host and really worked to make our stay just what we wanted. We did the jungle tour and it was well worth it - especially for my geologist husband. The kids loved the cave and of course the zip lines.

Anyway, if anyone wants any more detail on either place, or travelling with kids, please feel free to contact me.

We will be back!!

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