Trip report 16-22

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Escrito por dwight in wa desde ( el día miércoles, 26 de octubre, 2005 a las 11:55:59 horas :

Oct 15-22. Another week of pure relaxation in La Barra de Potosi! Have been able to stay in contact with home office via cell phone and internet.

We use Cingular North American plan, $70 month plus tax, 450 anytime minutes that roll over plus 1,000 night and weekend minutes. The connection is superb and is actually GPRS capable although ssllloooowwww.

A friend of mine has high speed internet hookup and that solves a lot of problems for those of us that do project work (I have a consulting business that requires a minimum of face time with clients=my partner handles that back home).

There are plans afoot to have high speed access in the Enramadas soon and I’m sure all up and down the beach before long. I assisted the project manager with antenna alignment this week (successful). We did learn that the rebar used in the buildings can severely distort waveforms. As one fellow put it, “Houses are built of rebar with a little concrete to hold them together”.

Hooray! The road to Los Achotes has received some maintenance from the transportation department and it really needed it. Almost impassable in a couple of spots. The local boys were actually shoveling dirt into the ruts and then asking for tips for their work.

Caught my first Jurel from the beach on Wednesday. Saw several birds diving and scooping sardines and knew they must be a school of Jurel coming up the beach. I could see the Jurel churning the water as they dashed into the shallows after the sardines. A mad dash for my rod and reel and down to the surf – 45 minutes later I landed a 20+ pounder!

The entry gates to Bungalows Solecito were installed this week (well almost, they needed just a couple of more parts to complete the job). Everything was made from basic raw materials from the gates themselves (oak) to the fabricated metal hinges. Being a DIY’er from a way back I do enjoy watching the craftsmen work. Even mixing concrete is a sight to behold. First you smooth an area on the road, then you add cement, water, sand and gravel and then 2 or 3 guys stir the mixture with shovels and finally it is carried and poured from 5 gallon buckets. Very labor intensive.

For those of you who are annoyed by insects you might try buying the TexSport 10’x10’ screen arbor and setting it up on the beach. We brought one down this time (as one of our allowed bags) and it does a great job although it hinders the breezes somewhat.

We have really become champion beach tamales (vs. couch potatoes). Read two large paperbacks so far. I haul out the laptop when I feel really energetic. Buying fresh tortillas from vendor in the morning (3 inch stack, 4 pesos). Tamales, some sweet and some not sweet and roasted corn smeared with butter, cheese flakes and hot sauce from the vendor in the afternoon (also occasionally some goat cheese). Wonderful dinner on Sunday as a guest of Julio (son of Nayito of enramada fame). Shrimp and abalone with guacamole-mmmm!

Well, until next week, “Hasta---”

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