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Escrito por Suzanne desde ( el día lunes, 04 de abril, 2005 a las 18:40:49 horas :

We have just returned home to Nova Scotia after our 2nd vacation, of 17 days, in Zihua. We finally arrived after an additional overnight in Boston, maneuvered through Mexico City Airport and got the green light in Zihua. Before long we were unpacked and enjoying our first of many martinis on our wonderful deck at Casa Adriana. Soon it was off to the Sunset Bar for cocktails and appetizers. We had originally planned on following that up with dinner at Elvira’s on La Ropa, but after the flight, all the martinis and appetizers all we could manage was a taxi ride into Centro to say hola to friends from last year at Coconuts.

We had great plans, but hardly followed through on any of them. Most of our days started with Bloody Caesars on our deck, followed by breakfast at Casa Café, then hitting M.J.’s or the office as it became known as. We would read, walk the beach occasionally, I’d talk to all the beach vendors, usually buying something, make new friends and greet old ones, have lunch, drink, have snacks, drink some more, swim, read, drink, have massages, and finally make the executive decision as to where we would have dinner that evening.

So, this report it seems will be a restaurant review. The only plan we followed through on was to rent a taxi for a couple of hours for a short tour around, something we missed last year. We drove up the new road over by Las Gatos – to the end, the view from there amazing. We also went into the hills to see a typical village and how the people there live, then off to Ixtapa – managed to get out of the car to look at the alligators, took the old road back from Ixtapa to Zihua. We had plans to go to Trocones, but never made it, something for next year – went to Barra last year, and we never even made it to La Ropa. We just wanted to chill on La Madera.

On our 2nd night we attended the board party at Brisas De Mar, had a great time putting faces on and meeting folks from the board. We hadn’t made any kind of dinner decision for this night and ended up having dinner at N. Zealander - no complaints, food and service good.

We ate at “Any”, Casa Vieja, Puerto Del Sol, Amuleto, Cafe Los Milagros, Leo’s, Capricho’s, Garrabos, El Mare, La Escollera. We have no complaints about any of them but do favor some more than others and not necessarily because of the food. Amuleto is absolutely stunning – and the view is awesome. Puerto Del Sol – where else this day and age do you get flambe tableside, it’s almost a lost art, not to mention the view and setting and of course the host himself. Il Mare - the view. Los Milagros – the pesto pasta and sun dried tomatoes (which I brought home) to die for, at there 4 times – twice for breakfast and twice for dinner , a limited menu but well done. Garrabos serves the best paella but perhaps our most adventurous dining experience was at Leo’s. Had breakfast one day at Banana’s – didn’t really care for the place, no problems just blah. We enjoyed Banana Flambe at Coconuts and had amazing artichokes at Chuleto. We had a great pizza at the pizza restaurant on the corner of Cinco de Mayo and Juan Alvarez.

I notice that many people ask about the availability of wine – Mexico has a very good domestic wine – both red and white and there are lots of Chilean wines available. All of the restaurants we ate at had both wines on their menu and the market carries a large selection.

I had read a couple of times about Leo’s on Rob’s site and they said “ask any taxi driver to take you there”. Well, after asking several in my halting Spanish I was just about to give up and finally one driver said “si”, I know, and corrected my pronunciation it’s not Leo’s as we say it but rather Lay o. So the plans made for the next night pick up, and up we go. Up into the hills on the road to Villa Vera – we were definitely the only gringos in the place but welcomed with open arms, soon we had our complimentary seafood soup with sail fish, then a huge plate of long neck goose barnacles, a tasty reward to those who dare. Then a platter of 2 lobster the very best Pacific lobster ever, juicy and sweet served with red snapper – grilled perfectly and garlic shrimp, and a few beers. It was fantastic – the people, the atmosphere and the experience. Leo is a diver so everything is perfectly fresh, he speaks no English, but his servers did and he came out to meet us and we all had a great time – ending with complimentary tequila, 430 pesos for 2.

Entertainment consisted of a lot of people watching. We went one night to hear an excellent concert by Eric Reid at Casa Café followed by fresh pineapple pie. On different night we enjoyed drinks before dinner at Villa Vera and Villa Del Sol. Villa Del Sol is a beautiful property with gracious people, Villa Vera has a nice view, not a lot of character, The Bay Club made us the worst martinis in our lives and charged outrageous prices for them but Eric Reid’s fine performance went a long way to make amends. The Blue Mamou is fabulous and Jimmy Mamou rocks. One morning we were lucky enough to

have a wonderful thunder and lightening storm which lasted for about 20 minutes – then another beautiful day in paradise. We did 2 for 1 at the Sunset Bar, late evening drinks at Coconuts. We enjoyed the Sunday evening festivities at the court, all the Palm Sunday activity and generally just absorbing the Mexican people. We are always fascinated at the local market, and the abundance of fresh fruit and veggies is amazing.

We were in Zihua during Semana Santa last year, perhaps we just didn’t see everything that was going on, but this year it definitely felt and appeared to be more crowded and congested. Too bad that something can’t be done about the parking and traffic situation. Semana Santa won’t keep us away, but I do note that it is later in the year in 2006 (Easter Sunday – April 16, 2006) for anyone interested.


That we have but one appetite to give and so many wonderful places to dine. Unfortunately, we missed La Gula – but hopefully it will be there next year – something to look forward to.

The wonderful piece of art we went back to buy was sold.

The biggest regret of all is that we had to come home.

We met a lot of great people this year, adding to the list of folks from last year. Zihua is starting to feel like home and we are planning, as I write this, our 3 trip for 2006. See you there and in the meantime we will live in Zihua through the board.

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