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Escrito por May desde ( el día viernes, 18 de marzo, 2005 a las 16:43:50 horas :

Well here goes, my first attempt at a trip report. My husband and I set off from Vancouver, BC to Zihua with Alaska air on Feb 23. I should mention that my husband was on crutches due to a problem with sciatica and Alaska Air were just great with wheel chairs at LA on the way down and on the return journey - just excellent service. We stayed at La Quinta de Don Andres in a single villa on Madera beath and again it was very good. Pretty laid back sort of place but at the same time spotlessly clean and run very well. We tried most of the restaurants which are mentioned on this site - our favourite being La Gula - we had a lovely conversation with the owner's wife and will certainly be back there next year. We also ate at a road side place with tables on Adelita (I think it was called Rouffo's) and they were also good and very good value, especially the fish. We were not impressed with Elvira's on La Ropa -we thought the service was a bit brisk and my tuna was overdone. We went to the usual Rick's Friday night jamboree and it was really rocking, also the Blue Mamou on a Wednesday was good too. We also listened to Eric Reid playing guitar at a Spanish restaurant in town and thought he was absolutely superb. He also plays in the Bay Club. He doesn't play the usual pop stuff but is what I would call more of a "classical guitarist". Above all, the majority of our "best times" were spent on the beach at MJ Ritchies talking to some of the people who hang out there. I was very shocked to hear that this place will be closing pretty soon. This was our second trip and couldn't get over the size of the Mercado - it went on for miles. I could go back next year and find areas of Zihua I hadn't visited before. We probably had our best holiday ever this year. I don't exactly know what it is about this place - I think it is a combination of good food, really nice local people, a little bit of the real Mexico and some easygoing, interesting visitors but sh o o sh don't tell too many people about this place. Let's just keep it to ourselves for now.

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