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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día lunes, 31 de octubre, 2005 a las 12:42:54 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Where are these squatter communities? escrito por Carl desde ( el día lunes, 31 de octubre, 2005 a las 12:03:35 horas :

Any land 70 meters above sea level here, known as "la cota 70", was previously designated ecological zone and not for development, a position every legal taxpaying resident in Zihuatanejo, especially those born here, supported and respected and had counted on for the protection of Zihuatanejo and its natural beauty for future generations. But the lures of political power and personal greed have allowed vast areas of that land to be invaded by squatters, particularly lands overlooking our beautiful bay which would command a pretty price were they able to be sold legally and with city services installed. But the land NEVER was for sale at any price. Over the years political powerseekers have encouraged groups of people to settle those lands illegally, particularly promising those squatters that they would receive title to their land in return for their political support, a tactic that has obviously paid off for the so-called leftist political party that won in the past 2 municipal elections (I think they abandoned "leftist" a long time ago in favor of "populist" and "line-their-pocketist" ideologies, but that's a different argument). Recently the "cabildo" (town council) approved changing the "cota 70" to the "cota a menor de 100" (whatever THAT means!) except for high-risk zones (and there's a LOT of latitude for interpretation there). Essentially, they traded away Zihuatanejo's future for short-term political power and personal agendas, let's call them. If approved by the state congress, this move will inevitably and predictably open the door to a new wave of squatters, all who will be beholding to the same political party. Politically an astute move, regardless of the poor ethics involved and the harm caused to the community and its environment for generations to come.

So, with few exceptions, all the local constructions you see above "la cota 70" are illegal, and anyone living on those lands are squatters, and many of the squatters have more than one home, not counting the one they left to come here in the first place, usually from Acapulco.

In the case at hand one of the schools receiving major support from the PZ group, and now apparently including non-student women in that community as well, is on one of these parcels of illegally occupied land. And one of the requisites for legalizing such land is that it have a school. So that's where the children unfortunately get caught in the crossfire and are sadly exploited by the people seeking to get title to the land.

It's a messy social problem, but it is only going to get worse as long as potential squatters and the people who use them perceive there are benefits to settling illegal lands, especially those in a tourist destination that will have relatively high market value if titled.

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