trip report for March 27 - April 3

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Escrito por Rhonda desde ( el día martes, 05 de abril, 2005 a las 01:37:59 horas :

Arrived back in Denver from Zihua Sunday evening one week to the date we departed. This was the first time we did Sunday to Sunday since airfare was half as much as Saturday to Saturday. The weather is always great in Denver the week we are gone. Guess we should have waited one more week since there are reports of impending blizzard conditions in the weather forecast. We have yet to see one drop of rain and this was our fifth visit in 8 years. We have never seen both Ixtapa and Zihua so hustling and bustling with tourists. We were grateful we weren't there the week of Semana Sants. It's strange that the restaurants never appear to be that busy and we assume it's because of the all inclusive resorts.

We always dine at Villa de Selva, Casa Que Canta, El Faro, La Perla and Buccaneros at the Marina for breakfast. The sunsets and ambiance remain awesome. Next time I will scratch La Perla and El Faro from my list, because the service, quality and quantity of food does not justify the prices.

We booked a private condo at the Costa Real, as did 3 other couples we traveled with. Each couple had one 13 year old so the accomodations worked well overall. The food and drink prices were exorbitant because we weren't on the the all inclusive plan as were most of the hotel guests. All the palapas and lounge chairs were reserved by 9:30 am so the big challenge was to race to the pool and beach every morning to throw a towel on a chair and then go have breakfast. I suppose it only happens a few weeks out of the year, but it gets to be a pain every day to play musical chairs. The waves were pounders as usual and the kids loved the boogie boarding, but the surf was too rough for most of us. We heard that a five year old girl had drowned there a week or two before. I'll take La Ropa or Madera beach over Ixtapa anyday for a dip in the water. The security guards are patrolling 24/7 and they are constantly scribbling notes on their clip boards. God knows how many times we broke the rules, as they reprimanded us for not wearing our white wrist bands. Carlos and Charlies is a short walk down the beach, but it turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing, as our teenagers found out they could order alcohol. We realized that before 9:00 it was fine for kids, but after that it can get pretty decadent.

This was the first year we realized the prices were very comparable with the U.S. I don't know how people afford Cabo and Hawaii, but several people in our group have been to both and they were not overly impressed with Ixtapa or Zihua.

The water shortage in Zihua was worse than I have seen in the past. A few of the restrooms had no running water and next time I will check before ordering food.

All in all, it was a good vacation for our large group. We had several sunburned kids and one that got sick for a day or two. Since I helped organize the trip for our group I wanted everyone to have fun and fall in love with the area like I have. Unfortunately the people I was with did not remark that they would like to visit again.

Overall, the taxi drivers we had were great and the rates were lower than I expected. We were only charged 40 pesos from the Costa Real to the Mercado, Bodega and the pier.

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