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Escrito por Dorado1 desde (?) el día martes, 01 de noviembre, 2005 a las 12:02:10 horas :

Throw out the jacket, heavy shoes, anything with sleeves on it. Wear the jeans, runners & a long sleeve top plus these are what you go home in. You won't do anything in ZIH with them but hang them in the closet.

Now carefully lay out everything you want to bring on the bed. Double check to make sure it's NOT denim or any heavy fabric, like thick cotton. Now look at the shoes.

OK, put back all the shoes with heels, only flats, flip flops, sandals and a pair of runners. Now, put back the flip flops & all but one pair of sandals/flats. Buy some in ZIH (you are going to do this anyway). Now, put back half the clothes INCLUDING all panty hose. Now, check that you have only shorts, spaghetti string tops, tube tops & 2 bathing suits. 1 or 2 sun dresses, naw, put them back; buy 2 in ZIH ($10). Put back all but your 2 favorite T-shirts (you are going to buy more of these also!!

By now you should be down to about 4 pair of shorts and an equal number of tops. Put in a couple pair of socks to combat blisters.

Make-up, only the evening stuff, you'll sweat the rest of it off.

ONE additional item (available in ZIH) one of the fabric covered vinyl lined cooler bags that folds up, great for packing things to the beach.

Everything you have left should fit in about a 24" suitcase. pack it and put it in a 30" model. You are set for 2-3 weeks in ZIH. Laundry is done at all hotels in the same day (give it to the desk by 9, it's laid out on your bed by 6.

Oh the 30" suitcase, believe me you'll find a use for it!!

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