Beautiful Accomodations discovered at Casa Iguana

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Escrito por lay-la desde ( el día martes, 01 de noviembre, 2005 a las 23:43:34 horas :

This is my first time in Zihua (tho my nth time in Mexico) and I have found beautiful accomodation, under $100 at Casa Iguana. The website, as is there nature, does not compare to the real thing. Besides the little row of bungalows with outdoor kitchens, the owner, Joel (longtime expat from France), and his manager, Ramiro, are the more attentive when you need something than almost any other place I've been (in 14 countries). Ramiro brings in fresh fruit juice every morning and will bring you some as well for the entirety of your stay. He took me grocery shopping for fun! There is Spanish, French, and English spoken fluently here that I know of. Joel travels the world, a lot in Asia, and this place, if you have ever traveled and stayed in high end bungalows in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, this place is very similar. Casa Iguana just turned 2 yrs in October and not all of the cab drivers know where it is. To make it more mysterious and a bit whimsical, there is no name on the orange terra cotta building, just a steel iguana climbing up the wall atop the door. So far, I am enjoying Zihua quite well, much because of the hospitality. [NB: I do _not_ have personal interest in the success or failure of this inn]

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