Police shakedown

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Escrito por steve from portland desde (dsl-201-154-124-52.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día sábado, 05 de noviembre, 2005 a las 10:59:17 horas :

Got to Zihua Monday and have been having a blast in this phenomenal place. But I did want to draw attention to an incident that happened yesterday. We were riding scooters on the from Zihua to Troncones and went the back way around Ixtapa when a police car motioned myself and two buddies over. They were not wearing helmets and one guy did´nt have his license with him.
The policeman said that he needed to write a ticket and how was he going to write a ticket for no helmet when the rider did´nt have his license. The fine, he said, was 200 pesos for no helmet and 200 pesos for no license. My friends ponied up the 600 total pesos (I always wear a helmet and encourage any riding anywhere to follow suit. The officer, who had his ticket book in hand but never made any effort to write anything down, took the pesos and we were on our way. We asked Javier at the scooter rental/liquor store about the helmets. He said no one wears them because it´s too hot. He called the cop a ¨bandido¨and was generally appalled. The two things going against us was our lack of the local law regarding helmets and my limited Spanish. I would hope the local business people would moniter this. I love this place and am having a great time, but is I´m getting mugged I´d rather have the police on my side and not the side of the bandido.

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