trip report oct 29-nov 5

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OCT 29-NOV 5

A delightful Sunday excursion with a Mexican friend. Down to Petatlan to see the church – filled and overflowing with worshippers at the11 a.m. mass. A lot of color around the church, mostly relating to upcoming Days of the Dead. A walk around the square, a cold drink of limonada and just general local sightseeing in the plaza area and then to Zihua. On the way to Zihua I asked about the numerous large trees in the countryside that were blooming large white blossoms. My host told me they only bloom once a year for the Holiday.

Lunch at La Perla. Good service, not crowded, great food. On the way back to La Barra we stopped for gas at the airport Pemex on hiway 200 and I inquired about a site I wanted to see. A friend has told me there is a tree near the Pemex that attracts a lot of iguanas. The attendant took me around to the west end of the building and showed me exactly where there are - every morning around 8 a.m. Seems the local café feeds them leftover vegetable scraps.

We are seeing a fair number of large, modern tourist buses bringing people to the enramadas on various days of the week. They appear to be organized tours and are definitely Mexican. I know on one day of the week the DIF (Government family services) brings the needy to the beaches for a day of recreation but I don’t know the source of the other buses.

The locally produced packaged bread is branded Bimbo and we have always been able to buy white bread but now they are also selling multi-grano. Very good and satisfies that craving you sometimes get for bread from “back home”. We use it for all kinds of various sandwiches (ham, tuna salad made with limon mayanaisa, fried eggs, etc).

Attended a mid-day Wed, Nov 2, day of the celebration hosted by Ariana Luna, a public servant. Somewhat solemn yet happy occasion honoring those who have passed before us. Adriana had set up an altar(?) to honor members of her family. Learned a lot about this cultural event. Attended by both gringos and native Mexicans.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays a fruit and vegetable truck comes down the beach road. Has everything and very reasonable prices. Bought tomatoes, avocados, jicama, 4 varieties of peppers, onions – delicious flavor and not dyed and waxed!

Success at last on the satellite internet setup. Now have hookup from my patio. Learned that even the slightest interference from a palm frond can disrupt the antenna lobe. Now we know the system works and satellite internet will soon (Mexican “soon”) be available at the enramadas for a nominal fee.

Hard to believe we only have 9 days left! Hasta semana--

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