Colima - Zihua along the coast

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Escrito por El Atún Grande desde ( el día domingo, 06 de noviembre, 2005 a las 21:11:40 horas :

Just got home from Colima. Drove back through Tecoman and Highway 200 to Lazaro Cardenas and then to Zihua and it was a beautiful drive. I love the trip when it is green and they sky is clear. The views along the coast (especially on the overlooks) are nothing short of spectacular, and to top it off, the worst part of the road has been repaved and is now smoother than anything in Mexico. I am glad I got to experience it before the extremely overweight trucks pound it into submission.

I stopped at my favorite restaurant along the route, La Perla at Km95 in Pichilinguillo and had a fresh fillete al ajillo (pargo fillet in garlic), excellent as always.

If you have time, take the trip. The road is curvy and rises to 900ft then descends to the sea more than once, but the vistas alone are worth it. Skip Manzanillo and spend a couple of days in Colima. It makes a great side trip from Zihua. The drive took me about 5 1/2 hours (that includes about a half an hour for lunch), but I like to go at a pretty good clip and not stop much.

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