Just got back...Krystal/Dorado questions

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Escrito por Linda H desde (dialup- el día martes, 15 de noviembre, 2005 a las 12:20:17 horas :

Just returned from a week at the Krystal. I wanted to let people know about the construction issue . . .
Yes, the condo between the Krystal and Dorado is being built, there are maybe 50-60 workers there per day. The noise is pretty much dulled by the ocean sounds, which is nice. They are working from 7-7 with a couple of hours off during the hot of the day. We really weren't bothered much by the construction noise.
The Krystal is finishing up remodeling of their rooms, a floor at a time. They have modernized the bathrooms and installed new furniture. The mini servi bars are still there, though :( The pool at the Krystal is fabulous, it is absolutely beautiful and I would doubt there is another
that could compare in the area.
We were very impressed with the updating around the hotel, but the people working there are the same, and that is why we return, year after year.
If you have any particular questions, let me know.

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