Re: Your fav places in La Barra?

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Escrito por Laura desde ( el día jueves, 24 de noviembre, 2005 a las 18:01:38 horas :

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Just a spelling change - but so they will be sure to find her- I'm sure you mean Doņa Emi's... Doņa Olga no longer offers restaurant service. But we have a couple of new ones making a total of 4 in counting evening restaurants inside the village.(new ones often spring up for the highest part of the high season. Here's who is serving dinner (from 7- 7:30 pm inside the village -(all are on the center of the three streets of La Barra. All cook over fireweed and have very similar menus... basically tacos, enchiladas, sopes, chicken tostadas... all good. My personal favorite remains Doņa Emi though Rosy and Saby are very good too... close call!):

Rosy (tables set up along the street just next to the kindergarden)
Minda (tables set up in between two houses on the second block)
Saby (a door or two further down from Minda but more out in the street... actually a more pleasant atmosphere... flowers on the table (singular)
Doņa Emi (inside her garden on teh third block . corner...lovely.

By the way, Bris is in Los Farallones. Very nice. You could take a taxi from La Barra... $20 pesos each way)

For daytime and seafood, my favorite is La Condesa for ocean view and (very rustic andnot as comfortable but with good food---) La Leticia for the lagoon view. Nayito's is good too.

You can arrange special dinners by reservation at Casa del Encanto and also with Anabela at Casa Frida (I think)
Hasta pronto,

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