Guilt and Innocence & Liability Insurance

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Escrito por Bajavicki desde ( el día viernes, 25 de noviembre, 2005 a las 23:05:53 horas :

I think this is a good subject to continue to bring forward.
A board member of my Brothers companys Son 32 years old got into a accident and he was major injured. Well he did not have mexican insurance and they held him in Mexico until the liabilty was solved, it was not his fault it did not matter but 18 hours later he died before the situation could get solved by his family.
You can not come to mexico without mexican insurance and attorney repensentation. Please. I have my business here in Baja Norte and I can't stress enough to the gringos that rent a car for down here to be honest they are driving it down here, don't think this will not happen to ME, cause it can and it will.
I had a situation 2 weeks ago backed up into a Red ford Lobo 250 the guy was mexican and just appeared, why I was backing to park, he had been hit 3 times that week in the same place. #3 Policia cars showed up and the first thing they asked for was did I have mexican Insurance. I did but the deductable was $500 and they took us to the body shop damage $300. My car $1200 so they got 3000 pesos from me. did I do this right I don't know waiting for a reply from my insurance company. But I Thank God I had my Insurance or they would of had me and my car. I am sure it was a set up.

So get your insurance.

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