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Escrito por Craig desde ( el día miércoles, 30 de noviembre, 2005 a las 22:41:27 horas :

The 3 of us flew out of LAX to ZIH via Alaska Air on a direct flight with no problems as all. We cleared customs and had our bags in about 20 minutes. We found Wolfgang waiting for us at the airport and we were on our way for a weeks stay at Wolfgangs. That evening Wolfgang drove us to La Gula and we all had a very nice dinner of Dorado. Since we are from Fresno and we were playing USC that night the 3 of us went to La Perla and actually found the game on tv. It was a nice little place and we found another family there that lives about 1/2 mile away from us. We lost 50 - 42 but it was a very exciting game.

Our first full day had me going to La Commercial for needed supplies and off to MJ Richies on Madera Beach for breakfast at lunch time. Good food and service as always, the cruiseship people do not stop here so it was not crowded even though a ship was in. Had dinner at Pizza Locas that night which my son liked and the spaghetti was actually good there.

The next morning was our first day of fishing with Ramon Olea and the first time for my 7 year old son to go out with me. We went out to Ixtapa Island for Sierra and got 3 in about the first 10 minutes, my son had a blast reeling them in. We fished for small game for the first 3 hours and got 10 Sierras and 2 Bonitas then out for the big boys. We saw a Sailfish right off but it was not hungry. At about 2:00 Luis the deckhand started to clean the fish and of course 2 of the lines go off but we did not hook anything. Ramon decided to stay out an extra hour to see if they would come back but we had no luck.

We went fishing a second day on Thanksgiving and tried the same thing. This time the small game fishing was excellent, at least 12 Sierra and 2 Chula by 8:30 so then we head out for the big boys again. About 9:15 Luis hooks into a Sailfish and I had it in at 9:30. Ramon wanted to keep this fish for his brothers birthday the next day and asked me 3 times if it was ok. I did not have a problem with this since Ramon does have a good reputation for catch and release and he seemed like a very honest man. We fished to about noon and I asked to go in early, it was already a great day. We also saw some whales and at least a dozen turtles.

I had spoke to Wolfgang about inviting Ramon's family over for swimming and dinner and he said it was fine since we were the only guest at Wolfgangs and nobody was there to complain about the noise we would make. Wolfgang has always been very kind to everyone. I bought a bunch of food from Pollo Felix and the kids and us big kids had a great time with Wolfgang. Turned out to be a great Thanksgiving.

The next night Ramon took us to his brothers birthday party and we had a very nice time. His aunt cooked all of the Sailfish and made muchaca out of it. It was very tasty and fed at least 40 people. Ramons 3 sons were very nice to my son and even though they could not speak to each other they had no problem playing together.

Ramon is listed on Robs site and his # is 01 755 55 44311. Ramon speaks English and his deckhand Luis speaks some also. It's a very nice panga with a newer 100 hp outboard, console and outriggers.

We had never been to Ixtapa before so Wolfgang drove us on a nice tour. We got to see some very large crocodiles there. The next day the 3 of us took a taxi to the Dorado Pacifico and used their pool. It was 40 pesos there and 50 pesos back. It was a very nice pool and my son had a great time on the pool slides. 34 pesos for a beer and 24 pesos for a soda. The ocean was calm enough for my son and I to play in. It looks like a nice resort but not my kind of place, we prefer Zihua.

On our last full day Wolfgang took us to Troncones to drop off some school supplies to Barbara Lindian. Right when we were backing out Lisa arrived at Wolfgangs, we asked her to join us and she was ready to go in less than 5 minutes, now if she could teach that to my wife. We had lunch at the Tropic of Cancer Beach Resort and Barbara meet us there. Barbara showed us the primary school and then the secondary school where we droped off our supplies and gifts. I would urge anybody that can to contact Barbara at and try to help her out. The conditions are not the best there, the secondary school does not even have a bathroom but the children were wonderful. Barbara is making a big difference here and donations are always needed. Thank you Rob for suggesting that I take the supplies to Barbara.

That night Wolfgang cooked the Sierra and Chula that I kept the day before and it was excellent. Our last morning Lisa and my family went to Dona Licha for breakfast and enjoyed it very much, the best chiliquiles in Mexico so far. One last lunch of Pollo Felix by Wolfgangs pool and Wolfgang took us to the airport.

We ate at a few other restaurants: Patty's on La Ropa - good, ANY's - very good, Tatas on the main beach - good and the Blue Mamou - very good. We also did happy hour 6 - 8 at the Catalina sunset bar above La Ropa which was very nice.

This was our second trip to Zihua and enjoyed it more than our first trip last Easter due to the crowds during the holiday. We hope to be back the same time next year. It was unfortunate that we only got to spend 1 day with Lisa. I think that my son fell in love with her. As always Wolfgang was a great host and a good friend, he even bought my son a complete Charro outfit. I have a few new pics in a zihua 11/05 folder at if my link below does not work.

If anyone is interested in staying in a nice 2 bedroom apartment in the Plaza Kyoto area go to nice pool, a/c, full kitchen and Wolfgang as your host.

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