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There are two courses - both located in Ixtapa. The older "Palma Real" course at the south end of the beach is a Trent-Jones Jr. design. Somewhat shorter and less technical, it is mature with big trees, a couple of lakes/lagoons, and is the more picturesque of the two. The newer "Marina" couse tends to have better fairway grass but fewer, smaller trees, and is generally less scenic. It is longer and more of a shot-maker's course, with a network of canals behind the Ixtapa marina providing some water hazard on almost every hole.

If you are a serious golfer, you should bring your own equipment. Rental eqmt is available but not the best or current technology. Balls purchased at the course are either very expensive or used (100 pesos for 20 balls, sold by the grounds workers or in the pro shop).

Daily rates are in the US$65-$75 range for greens fees plus another US$30+ for a cart. Caddies are available for $10-$15 plus tip. You can save quite a bit of money by buying multiple round cards or by joining the club for a month (about US$350 at Palma Real for 1 person). Also, Palma Real has a cheaper rate starting around 4PM. The sun sets here about 6:15.

Since it doesn't rain in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo from Nov through mid-may, the courses dry out considerably as the winter season progresses. So expect hardpan off the edges of the fairways and anywhere else that doesn't get watered nightly. Sand traps are more like fine gravel than sand, so bring an older wedge that you won't mind getting dinged up a bit. With all the beautiful, fine sand on the beaches, you would think that they might put some in the traps, but I guess it just washes out during the "duck drowner" downpours they sometimes get during the rainy season.

Expect perfect weather nearly every day all winter long; sunny with heavy dew on the courses in the early AM and temps starting in the low to mid seventies. By 9AM the temperature will be pushing eighty and the beginnings of a shore breeze will be filling in. Mid-Afternoon, it will be 85-87F with bright sun and a pleasant 8-10mph breeze off the ocean, caused by the temperature differential between land and sea. So dress for sun and warm temps, with high # sunscreen.

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