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I was interrupted; here's a bit more:

All roads indicated above are fast and in good condition. Route 43 south out of Salamanca to Morelia + the short section of route 200 into Ixtapa from the terminus of cuota route 37 are the only slow, two lane sections. Cuota #37 from Patzcuaro down to the coast is now completly finished, including the section just south of the tunnel that was still under construction last year, and all the toll stations are open. However There is still no Pemex station completed and open from about 25 KM west of Morelia until you get close to Ixtapa. So it's prudent to get gas in Morelia or just west of Morelia on route 14 before continuing down cuota route #37 to the coast.

The great little chalet restaurant about 5 miles west of Patzcuaro on the north side of route 14 is still there, although we didn't stop at it again this year. Also, It's the Hampton Inn, not the Clarion in Saltillo that we stayed at and thought was quite nice and with a good rate at least on the weekends.

The only real negative I can think of along this route that I can think of is that there is a sometimes flee market Just outside the town of Morellion, which is right on route 43 about 10 miles before you get to the lake just north of Morelia. I'm not sure when it's open for business, but when it is, the traffic backs up on this two lane road enough to cause about a 20 minute delay. We have tried the parallel route that runs south out of Celeya to avoid this, but it's very difficult and slow to find your way through Celaya, plus that road carries a lot of slow truck traffic.

All things considered, the trip is a far cry from the old days, when it took 8 hours from Uruapan to Ixtapa on the old route 37 down through the mountains.

Lots of gringos must take this route down now because this year for the first time we saw a sign for Ixtapa along the road north of Morellion, just about the time we were crossing the state border out of Guanajuato.

Finally, while sections of route 200 between cuota 37 and Ixtapa have been replaced with new road that has shoulders, etc. remaining sections of the old roadway still go through several villages with topes and much of it has no shoulders + tall weeds growing up right next to the road surface + occasional drop-offs just off the pavement of up to a foot. Don't let proximity to your destination lull you into complacency; this is still a pretty dangerous section of roadway.

Buen viaje!

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