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If the timeshare you are considering is part of the large hillside complex at the south end of the beach known as the Pacifica, beach access can be difficult. You have to walk over to a tram, at either the El Faro restaurant (top) or a midway station, then take the tram down to the beach. During prime season, this might take a while - and while the walk down the hill along the road might be OK, it's still about 1/4 mile or more past the golf course, Real de Palmas condo complex, and the cucaracha to the point just south of the Barcelo hotel where you have a public beach access. Ixtapa resort shops and restaurants are beyond this.

Then, of course, there's the long trudge back up the hill to your unit. Better spend a couple of bucks to take a cab back up.

Pacifica units which face the beach have nice ocean views and a short walk to the tram, but a lot of the units are on the back side of the hill with views of the golf course. Those units do not get good breeze and are a long walk from the tram. So anyone staying at the Pacifica should understand exactly where their timeshare unit is.

There are some other timeshare units in one of the highrises in the middle of the beach (forget the name of this facility). These are well located in terms of proximity to both the beach and Ixtapa resort shops and restaurants. The only negative for those would be the sometimes very high surf in the middle of the beach. But a short walk down to the south end of the beach gets you away from this into a fairly well protected and comparatively safe area for swimming or playing in the surf (boogie boards, etc.).

Hope this answers your issue. We like Ixtapa beach a lot and have a full time condo there, but we usually make the trip (US$5-$6 cab ride) in to one of the many very nice spots around Zihuatanejo harbor when we want to go out to dinner - it's more charming with generally better scenic ambiance and the restaurant prices are more reasonable.

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