Trip report of 11/26-12/3

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Escrito por SteveinDanville desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de diciembre, 2005 a las 00:06:01 horas :

Finally have a minute to write about my wife's and my recent trip to Las Brisas. Flew nonstop on Alaska from SFO using First Class American points. Not exactly a First Class experience, but with rollaboards only, we were off the plane, green-lighted through immigration, in a cab and checking into the hotel within a half hour of landing! A new worlds record, plus with the 140 knot tailwind, it was only a 3 hour and 20 minute flight, getting us in 45 minutes early. We were actually in our room the minute we were supposed to originally touch down. Stole a Jr. Suite off of last February for $192/night plus tax, or out the door for just over $1600 for 7 nights. Hotel was barely half full, and for those of you who were down there then, you might have noticed how little humidity there was for the whole week; it was amazing compared to our previous 7 visits. We didn't do anything but lounge at the beach or pool, eat, read and that's a vacation. The highlights were dinner at Kau-Kan (phenomenal as usual), two dinners at Villa de la Selva (they must have a new beef supplier who butchers more to American tastes, because the two beef filet entrees my wife had were outstanding; as good as anything in the states, hands down), two dinners at La Cala (Enma had sent me an email based on my raving about her restaurant last year, and when I replied that we would be there this year, she came up and hugged us, bought us a bottle of wine one night, and a dessert and after-dinner drinks the second night for our 26th anniversary...she was born the same year we were married!!!). El Faro at the Pacifica was okay, nothing great. Disappointments (although comparatively minor): Il Mare had the weakest food of the week, to our taste. My mahi-mahi catch of the day looked more like snapper; thin, not very tasty, and cooked way overdone. My wife's pasta special was just rigatoni in a sausage sauce. My tuna carpaccio entree was the disappointment of the entire week; it was drenched in olive oil, limon juice and pepper. You couldn't tell if it was beef or tuna carpaccio by the time it had marinated. The other thing was that we took a cab over to the Villa del Sol to spend the day (stayed there twice and wanted to experience a day there again). I had called the day before to make sure Miguel would be there to take us sailing, and they said of course, he's there everyday. Well, guess not. He never came in that day. We still had a great lunch, and hated to leave at around 4:30, but I was a little miffed that we were led to believe that Miguel would be there. My wife has a little crush on him, I think, so it's probably just as well....... Upon leaving last Saturday, the nonstop flight back to SFO leaves at 6:05 p.m., so we didn't check out until 3:30, and enjoyed an entire day on the beach. As usual with Alaska Airlines (I fly them fairly frequently up and down the coast), they had an equipment problem with a rear door that was fogged up, so we weren't wheels up until 7:15, putting us in a solid hour late. We again got off the plane, through Customs and Immigration and into the BART station in 18 minutes! Walked in the door at 11:50 p.m. The recap of the trip is that we had a phenomenal trip with great weather, food, drinks, and met some nice people (especially Enma and Paco at Puerto Mio/La Cala). We'll be back same time next year.

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