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Escrito por SteveinDanville desde ( el día miércoles, 07 de diciembre, 2005 a las 09:45:01 horas :

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Do you mean you want to stay in a Jr. Suite? I think it's the only way to go. We stayed in a regular room 4 times, felt pretty cramped, and there are only 4 really small drawers for clothes for 2 people. With the Jr. Suite, you get a chest of drawers with at least 10 drawers, plus a huge closet. There's a lot of walking to get to the elevators or the pools, but I think that's kind of the charm of the place; it makes you look at the trees and the birds and the flowers while walking outside. Bring your own coffee and filters for the coffeemaker, as it's 52 pesos ($5.00) for the coffee kit that you get for free in every hotel in the US. Brisas Beach Club is too expensive at $45/day just for a minimal continental breakfast and some watered-down margarita's or white wine with nibbles in the evening. Plus, there's no view; you want to be watching the sun go down on the other side of the building. You'll love watching the sun set by dragging a chaise lounge out to the water's edge and letting the water come up underneath you! Branch out and eat at the restaurants in Zihua; it's only 65 pesos each way, and it helps broaden your horizons. It can get a little insulated if you just stay on property at the Las Brisas. Yes, the furnishings are getting tired, but the beds and sheets are really nice, huge towels, very good soaps, shampoos, gels, etc. If you want a relaxing experience, this is the place. Plus, I noticed at both the pools and the beach that they have new signs that prohibit reserving chaise lounges. The pool boys will remove your stuff if nobody is sitting there. Yay!!!

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