Trip report, Nov 26 to Dec 4

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Escrito por Cara desde (?) el día viernes, 09 de diciembre, 2005 a las 21:08:38 horas :

Still adjusting to life after Zihua. My husband and I had another wonderful trip so I thought I'd post a report.

Travel to and from ZIH
Smooth flights to Zihua -- SEA to LAX, LAX to ZIH. "Ice Cube" was on our plane which caused a sensation when we landed. Immigration was fast and easy. No checked bags which saves us lots of time. (Not an easy feat to pack for 8 days with only carry-on, however.) Got some pesos at the airport ATM and we were on our way. The trip home was also uneventful -- we thought we'd have lots of crowds at Customs in LAX (the worst part of the trip, usually) but it was almost empty! Amazing.

Nights 1-3: Barra
Took a cab to Bernie's in Barra di Potosi. This was our first time in Barra despite wanting to go for the past three years. Bernie's B&B is a lovely spot and we had three very relaxing nights there. The beach is so l-o-n-g which made for great walks. The beach is quite undeveloped, aside from some expensive houses and a few small hotels or B&Bs. It is so quiet, except for the crashing of the waves at night. Bernie makes a fantastic dinner and his stories about Zihua are very entertaining. He was nice enough to take us into town one day so we could pick up some tequila and a few cigars. :) We were thrilled to run into Orlando (formerly of Villa del Sol, now of Blue Mamou) at a restaurant in Barra -- he is so happy and loving life. No regrets about VDS as far as we could tell.

Nights 4-8: Zihua
From the peace and quiet of Bernie's, we moved to our "usual" spot, a condo at Residencias Villa del Sol. The condo was wonderful and Villa del Sol was as beautiful as ever. Higinio, Alfredo, Fidel, many familiar faces. We did lots of reading, sleeping, eating, drinking, walking, beaming -- it was a fantastic trip. Standout meals this year were at Tamales Any (chicken mole), Amuleto (curried shrimp, chicken, and a glorious almond custard dessert with almond ice cream!), and Kau Kan. Ricardo was there which is always a plus. Bernie recommeded the coconut shrimp at Daniel's in town, which we tried and can also recommend. There were two fantastic musicians playing at Daniel's as well. Usually we try to make it to Villa de la Selva, but not this year.

The weather was perfect -- 90 during the day, 70's at night. Be warned that the bugs are indeed bad at Barra -- I had brought Cutter bug repellant, which worked nicely, but some other guests had been suffering for days with only citronella. The mosquitoes were relentless at night (outside). I did get a few bites on my back which have still not healed (10 days later)! No mosquito problems in Zihua, though, on La Ropa or in town.

Feel free to post questions. This was our 5th trip and we will be back again next year.

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