Friday night in Zihua

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Escrito por Gene and Trish desde ( el día viernes, 09 de diciembre, 2005 a las 22:40:24 horas :

Hello to all those boarders wondering how life is in this paradise. Had a dream day....our 27th wedding anniversary. Started with BLossom Yoga which we walk to every morning.... home for a delicious brunch of fresh papayas, mangoes and to die for Lala Yogurt with coco, and then took the boat to Las Gatas. Snorkelled the outside reef (walk in from the steps at Owens). Home for tapas on the terrazza at our new apartment in La Madera area and then walked over to Casa Vieja for THE BEST flan and Mexican coffee I have ever had for dessert. The restaurant was empty which is totally unjustifiable as it is our second time there and both times the decor, waiters and food quality was far superior to many other places.... local guitar duo played and waiters brought us extra chalua (house made liquer) to finish the evening....walked home under the stars and life is good!!!

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