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Chuck, you have to understand that Rob the Net Wiz, who provides this wonderful message board and is generally a great guy, is also a hopeless romantic. Owens beach club is what you saw of Zihuatanejo in the movie "Shawshank Redemption"[figuratively, not literally].

If you want primative, "desert island" ambiance there are also two other places to consider - one is the small village of La Barra de Potosi, located less then 10 miles south of the Zihuatanejo airport. There, it's just you, a beautiful but mostly empty nine mile long beach, and a few rustic thatched roof beachfront restaurants. There, I would suggest (for the somewhat but not too civilized) either the B&B Casa Frida or the small hotel just a couple hundred yards north of the village. The second locat1on of this type is Troncones beach, located a little over 20 miles north of Zihuatanejo just off route 200 at the 36KM marker. Several good B&Bs, a few rustic beachside restaurants, miles of very scenic beach, and lots of recently constructed single family beachfront homes - mostly owned by californians who always wanted a beach house but couldn't afford one in California. No city water or sewer, dirt road, very laid back ambiance - but a long ways to town for shopping or finer dining.

Ixtapa is a big, glitzy, high-rise, beach resort. The layout and development is more charming than most other beach resorts and it has historically been more of a mexican resort, so it's not overly "gringified". Here you will find a broad choice of high rise hotels, a truly great 1.5+ mile long open ocean beach, and all the usual beach resort attractions - parasailing, jetski rentals, banana boat rides, etc. + two golf courses and a lot of restaurants, many of which are mediocre with high prices.

Zihuatanejo harbor is perhaps the most scenic in all of mexico - it's a place where the Sierra Madre mountains come down to the sea. There are four beaches around the harbor, ranging in size from La Ropa beach, nearly 3/4 mile long, to 1/4 mile long Las Gatas beach, with its reef and minimal surf, to Madeira, about 200 yards long and the centerpiece of the semi-local Madeira neighborhood, and finally the municipal beach in downtown Zihuatanejo - still populated by local fishing boats that sell their fresh catch at 6AM.

Around the harbor, you will find the full range of accomodations from five star beautique hotels where the movie stars stay to downtown low cost joints that are a short walk to the pier for the sport fishermen, who come to town in large numbers in search of big game.

Different neighborhoods around the harbor each have their fans. La Ropa beach area + the cliffside lodging options along the cliff area between La Ropa and Madeira beaches are favored by many regulars, including the movie star set. This area gets good ocean breeze and La Ropa is a good sized beach with several good beachside restaurants + hobie cat, jetski, and boogie board rentals. The comparatively funky Madeira beach neighborhood has older less glamorous lodging at more reasonable prices, somewhat less breeze, and is an easy 15 minute walk along the shore to downtown Zihuatanejo where there are lots of shops and restaurants.

Downtown Zihua tends to be hot with less expensive accomodations for the budget minded and as I said fishermen who want to be easy walking distance to the main pier.

Finally, there's the old Puerto Mio resort - now called Villa Vera under new management. Probably the most romantic ambiance in the area. Nice, somewhat expensive restaurant on a truly magic little cove. Very private, very intimate. Great place for a honeymoon. Also, one other spot, only two years old, deserves mention - Amuleto. They have their own web site - truly spectacular B&B with only four rooms. For those who can afford it and don't mind not being within short walking distance of anything. Located high up on the hill south of Zihua harbor, with stunning views of the harbor to the north + the sun setting into the sea to the west. Or stay somewhere else and go there for a very special (and expensive) dinner.

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