Trip Report 12/3 -12/10

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This was our second trip to Zihua and we took it at the same time as we did last year. We had a great time again and will not hesitate to do it again next year or maybe even sometime sooner.

Since we live in CT we decided to stay in NYC Friday night for an early 6:50 flight. We went and saw the Rockettes at Radio City and used HH points and stayed at the Waldorf Astoria. Glad I was using points; the rooms were way expensive because of a NASCAR Banquet and the fact that itís Christmas time in NYC. We had a great day and evening.

We took AA out of LGA through DFW and arrived basically on time around 2pm on Saturday. We used the ATM at the airport. 4000 pesos = $389.00 by the time the banks were through with the transaction. Later in the week I took out 4000 pesos 2 more times and the dollars went down to $386 and $384. Not sure if this was because of the banks or because of the exchange rates on those days. Whatever, what can you do? This was at the Banmex down the street from the Central Mercado.

We stayed at the Hotel Brisas Del Mar again. We liked this hotel because itís close to town and the rooms are large, clean, have great views, and the balconies are semi- private as well. Why are the beds in Mexico so damn hard though? More about the hotel later. We went directly down to the beach and sipped on a few Coronas until the sun started to set. We went to La Gula for dinner and it was as good as we remembered. My only concern is that 3 out of the 4 times we have been we were the only ones there. Hopefully they do a better business in the high season. We highly recommend eating here.

Sunday morning I walked down to the pier to find Capt. Luis Pacheo of the panga ďMichelleĒ to set up fishing for the week. He was already out with a client. I went back to the hotel and met with Carlos the ďtour guideĒ of the hotel. I arranged fishing with him for Monday morning with one of his captains for $150. Later in the morning we walked to La Ropa to spend the day at La Perla for sun, sand and football. We were hoping to see the Bears beat up on the Packers but as hard as he tried Francisco couldnít get the satellite working right so we had to watch the Giants beat the Cowgirls. Iím sure itís fixed by now. We had a good time anyway and everyone there was very helpful and the food was good as well.

Monday morning I met Carlos and his captain. I donít remember the captainís name or the boat but I had a good time and caught a couple of large sails. The only problem is that I said I wanted Catch and Release but I think he waited too long to set the hook both times and we pulled the stomach out both times. Iím not sure if this was due to waiting too long or if it had to do with being hooked on the downrigger line. Iím not experienced enough to know. I met up with Luis on the way back to the hotel and booked with him for Wednesday and Friday. His price is $150. His phone number is 044 (755) 104 91 23. Iíd highly recommend him. For dinner we went to Anyís. I had the green Pozel and a couple of tamales. My wife just had tamales. What great food! I donít think you can find better food at such cheap prices.

Tuesday we went to Margaritas for breakfast. It became our breakfast place of choice. The service was great and the food and coffee were as well. We walked around town looking for a copper bar sink for a home kitchen renovation but never found one. I thought I saw some last year but couldnít remember where. We spent the rest of the day at the beach and the pool at our hotel.

Wednesday I fished with Luis and his first mate. Fishing got real slow. We spotted a few sail fins swimming around and even cast into them with light tackle but they just were not biting that day. On the way in we had some fun with real light tackle casting into schools of Bonito and we kept a few for Luisís friend who was along for the ride. When we got back to the pier it was the consensus of pretty much everyone I talked to that the sails just werenít biting. My wife wasnít feeling well so I went to dinner by myself at a little place just down the hill from our hotel thatís right in front of the bamboo furniture maker shop. They had pork ribs on the menu and I have to say I was very disappointed. It might be a really good place for other stuff because the people around me were mostly repeat customers and were raving about their food. The service was excellent though and the waiter set me up with a couple of bananas to tke back to the room.

Thursday went to Margaritas again and then on to Las Gatas for the day. The snorkeling was a bit cloudy I think because of the cruise ship in port. We ended up back at La Gula for dinner.

Friday morning I fished with Luis again. I got another sail and had a great time. When I got back to the hotel my wife told me about a phone call she received in our room by someone asking for me by both first and last name. The man was calling to remind us about our 11:30 brunch that we had ďbookedĒ over in Ixtapa at one of the time-shares. To make a long story short, we didnít make any arrangements like this, NO on new we were staying at the hotel, and I had not used a credit card to pay for anything the entire trip. The only people that had our name was the Brisas Del Mar and Carlos the ďtour guideĒ of Brisas Del Mar. Carlos and the front desk clerk kept changing their story. My wife was livid and needles to say they ruined a good thing. Itís a great place to stay locat1on wise and the ambiance of the entire place is awesome, but we will never stay there again and we canít recommend it anymore simply because they lack discretion and integrity.

For dinner we walked up to the Intrawest and ate at the Zi. What a great view and the food and service were excellent. After, we walked down to the Blue Mamou and listened and talked with Jimmy for a while. Great music and Jimmy is a great showman as well. From now on they will be open year round.

Saturday morning was back to Margaritas for food and coffee and then a trip to Commercial Mexicana for tequila to bring home.

All in all it was a great trip and we will be back. Just wonít be staying at the same place. Club Intrawest looked nice as long as you can get a room with a view.

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