A comedy of errors, trip report 12/8 through 12/14.

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Escrito por frostbite desde (94-10-237-24.gci.net) el día sábado, 17 de diciembre, 2005 a las 02:03:03 horas :

Called Alaska Airlines several months ago to make reservations ANC - ZIH 12/8, returning 12/14. They sent a confirming e-mail which I neglected to check assuming, wrongly, as it turned out, that they'd have the dates correct. My wife dropped me off at the airport on her way to work - 3 hours before departure. The counter agent raises her eyebrows and informs me that I'm 4 days late; I was to have left on the 4th... Needless to say, I will be checking confirmations closely in the future. 200 extra dollars later, I'm confirmed ANC - SEA - LAX - ZIH, and on the upside, I get upgrades on all 3 legs.

Upon arrival in Zihua we find that cabfare to La Madera has increased once again, and are seriously considering the hike across the parking lot in search of a better deal. Nice ride, though; brand new Chevy with A/C. We pull up at Bungalows Pacificos and ring the bell. Anita sticks her head out the window and asks: "What are you doing here, we don't expect you until February?" She's getting on in years, so trying to handle 2 reservations at one time was apparently a bit much. Luckily, she was able to accomodate us. We unpack, change clothes and head to Casa Bahia for tuna and beer. No luck with the tuna, so we try the dorado, very good.

For breakfast we usually go to the Casa Cafe on Calle Adelita, except on Mondays when the're closed. They've done a little remodeling, including a roof over the whole area. It's quite nice, but I somehow miss that funky old palapa. Pedro mentioned that they'll now also be open for lunch as well as for the whole year due to an increase of Mexican tourists resulting from the completion of the highway to Morelia.

Noteworthy meals were had at Daniel's for lunch, La Gula for dinner, where I was pleased to see that the "Negrito de Zihua" was prepared with dorado, rather than farm-raised salmon. We also dined at Il Mare. Excellent food and service, as usual. We had a great lunch at El Manglar in the company of the largest crocodile I've ever seen there, which was blissfully asleep right next to our table, with its head resting on the bank. I initially thought it might be dead, but halfway through the meal, it swam off. A friend bought us lunch at La Gaviota, where we enjoyed a dish which was new to me: 'Albóndigas de Langosta", lobster meatballs. Absolutely wonderful! They're not on the menu, but they'll make them if you ask. Thanks again, Judith! We also tried the Barbeque at the Blue Mamou. Much improved over last year, very tasty.

Although this was just a brief visit to check on a construction project, we did manage to squeeze in a day at Otilia's at Las Gatas. It was good to see Franco again.

We returned home on the 18th via Alaska in the relative comfort of an upgrade to first class all the way home. Now the countdown has begun until our next trip in February.

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