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Escrito por ScottAZ desde ( el día viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2005 a las 12:10:53 horas :

Shari and I had dinner last night at La Gula. Periodically, we push ourselves to try restaurants that we haven't tried before so that we can expand our list of personal recommendatons, or not, for our guests. In a nutshell.....
This is a "must try" for everyone, whether you're on a budget or have a wad to blow.
The owners are a husband/wife team, Jose Luis and Rosalba. They are as warm and genuine as it gets. Jose Luis is a career waiter then chef from various resort restaurants of Acapulco, Cancun and Vallarta. Two years ago he and Rosalba decided to strike out on their own and staked their life savings into a restaurant of their own. He was originally from Guerrerro and picked Z for their future (for the right reasons). Hence..,.. La Gula.
Their locat1on is not easily accessible, behind the hill of Playa Madera, nor is their setting particularly spectacular, but I'm sure it's all they could afford, and they DO maximize their little spot with charming decor and impeccable cleanliness. It's on a second floor and is one large room, about 15-20 tables (w/ linen), with open balcony to the east and over-looking the back mountains and lights of town. The kitchen is in full view at the opposite end with the ayudante in her clean white uniform and the chef professionally decked in his toque. They have a small full bar, but no seating there. Drinks are at your table. Jose Luis is the head waiter and Rosalba is the hostess/bartender/and English translater if needed. The only other waiter is Jorge, a pleasant and quiet young man from Guadalajara, who is unobtrusive but very accommodating.
Our evening at La Gula was truly a delightful suprise, given the fact that we have been in Z well before they opened, but never really heard any strong raves about La Gula. The emphasis here is on preparation and presentation, and believe me, it doesn't get better than this anywhere in Z or Ixtapa. Period. And we've eaten everywhere. With sampling as our mission, we had 3 appetizers, including lobster bisque with squid ink gnocci, 2 entrees, and dessert with after-dinner drinks and coffee. Shari had beet raviolis stuffed with crab under a light cream sauce, and I had one of the two tableside-prepared offerings, sauteed filet mignon in a coffee bean/brandy flambe, topped with its reduction. For dessert, we had bananas lightly sauteed and rolled in sweet coconut with vanilla ice cream, decoratively presented with "La Gula" written on the plate in chocolate sauce. The flavors and blendings of each of the dishes were pleasing and interesting, though not perfect, but the real winner is the care in preparation, the culinary creativity of Jose Luis, and the personal attention one senses, stariting from the kitchen and continuing right to the table. The meal ended, appropriately, with a complimentary appertif served with a warm smile from Jose Luis, thanking us for coming.
There is plenty of variety on their menu, and their wine list is plenty adequate. Pricing is definitely a plus and is, frankly, a real value. Our meal... 3 appetizers, 2 entrees, a bottle of wine, 4 drinks, 2 coffees and dessert... barely came to a hundred bucks. Do the math and you'll see what I mean.
The effort and energy Jose Luis and Rosalba have put into their little restaurant, and similarly put into the dining experience of their patrons, is heart-warming. This restaurant and this couple are genuine, and a rare find in all-too-often fast-paced tourist town. An independent, new restaurant always faces a tough challenge to endure then succeed, but these folks need to succeed. They epitomize the charm and humble graciousness of the people of this area, and the commitment and passion of hard-working people everywhere. I can't recommend them enough.
You GOTTA give them a won't be disappointed!

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