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Escrito por dwight in wa desde ( el día viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2005 a las 20:33:28 horas :

En respuesta a: Barra de Potosi escrito por Cathy in San Francisco desde ( el día viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2005 a las 19:41:01 horas :

We were on the beach at Bungalows Solecito from Oct 1 to Nov 15 (going back Jan 10 for 10 weeks). "tearing up the beach" rather overstates the situation: "making a lot of noise" is a definite overstatement of the problem. First there aren't that many but those of us who love the area would like to see it stopped before it becomes a problem. Full size vehicles, maybe 2 or 3 a day during the week (three times that on weekends); noise from these vehicles is minimal because they are street vehicles, i.e., 4 x 4 Jeeps and Pick-Ups and they generally are just cruising and doing some sightseeing. Some ATV's zip up and down at various times, noise is short duration and not loud. The concern most of us have is for safety of the pedestrians on the beach, especially those lying down! As well as the overloading of these ATV's by youngsters who violate every common sense safety rule you can imagine, for example, putting very young kids on the handlebars and then flying over the sand dunes so they bounce up and down VERY DANGEROUS. Lay your concerns aside and have a great time!

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