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Escrito por ScottAZ desde ( el día sábado, 31 de diciembre, 2005 a las 11:53:49 horas :

En respuesta a: Barra de Potosi escrito por Cathy in San Francisco desde ( el día viernes, 30 de diciembre, 2005 a las 19:41:01 horas :

We live on Playa Blanca, just contiguous to Barra de Potosi. We're in the "hood".
First of all, don't anyone get discouraged from coming out here simply because of this. As Dwight said, the ATV issue is not at all at the "problem" level yet. We just don't want it to get there, and, hence, the concern. We're so accustomed to total quiet and tranquility that the sound of just one occasional ATV can seem disruptive. Most of the ATV activity anyway seems to be very holiday related, and therefore is not really a problem the rest of the time.
That being said, here's the scoop: My attorney in Z tells me that any motorized vehicle on this beach (or any similarly identified beach) is definitely IN VIOLATION of environmental laws which protect the natural habitat and nesting grounds of the endangered sea turtles, which this qualifies as. The federal agency which has the authority to enforce this is PROFEPA, the Mexican equivalent of the US EPA. The state office is located in the capital, Chilpancingo, and e-addresses are and I would encourage anyone so motivated to drop them a quick note expressing your concern about the increasing number of motorized vehicles on the beaches of Bahia de Potosi just south of Zihuatanejo. It will help. There is a local office of PROFEPA in Z near the DHL office, and the director's name is Ing. Justo Villa.
Also, the only commercial outfit that I'm aware of that offers ATV rentals and excursion "en las playas virgenes" of Playa Larga and Barra de Potosi, and promising "la adrenalina al maximo", is the Kawasaki Rentals in Centro Z. Their emails are and and tel.(755)544-6520/544-8710. I just got a brochure of theirs recently and plan to file a complaint with Justo Villa after the holidays. This should dampen at least the commercial element.

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