After the Kids Have Gone

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Escrito por LadyM desde ( el día sábado, 31 de diciembre, 2005 a las 21:18:08 horas :

The book (After the Kids Have Gone), written by Lorene Wingard, has been reprinted. They will be for sale in Zihua after the 5th of Jan. either at Lilly's Restaurant at the end of the pier or where Mother and I live there. Juan N. Alvarez 35. You may also get one from me by e-mail request or writen request to Carol Marchant, P.O. Box 773603, Eagle River, Alaska, 99577. The books are $15.00 and $3.85 for Shipping. Those wanting a signed book can catch Mother in Zihuatanejo from Jan. 7th until the 18th of March. Just stop by and ring our bell.

Just for the information of those who know Lorene. She was taken by ambulance to the emergency room in Searcy, Arkansas on Christmas Day and treated for congestive heart failure. She is a tough old girl and pulled through. (Thank you God) Lots of tests and lots of worry later she was released yesterday afternoon and she will arrive in Zihuatanejo on Jan 7th. She and I will spend the first three months of the new year enjoying time together and the Mexican way of life.

To all out there that read this post Happy New Year and may life treat well this coming year.

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