The probable END of paridise..

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Escrito por Michael desde ( el día sábado, 19 de marzo, 2005 a las 20:01:00 horas :

Well ,I hail from a resort city..I have seen Vegas ruined by greed and little or no planning..did I mention greed.
I have been to Z 3 times.... 2 times in the last 2 years and once 22 years ago I found it when I got bored with Club the 80's.
Last year the metor of the community especially on La Ropa was painfully transperant in the direction of change...big business was there in full arrey...yes I read the posts last year about all this coming..Still my wife and I enjoyed our stay in 2004 except for the Casa Larga deal....this year there was the taxi/airconditioning questions and questionable ethics with in the first feet out the airport door....a few days went by and we started to enquire about the Jet Skidoos we used last year...I was in shock. We paid$26.00 USD last year and this year they said "let me make you a good deal Amigo...only 40usd" ...then came the did those gringo idiots line up to pay between 40 and 50 USD for the same deal that last years cost us $28 USD....needless to say we boycotted all concessions on the beach and told them why...(please dont explain its the gas increase, or perhaps its the medical insurance that are paid to the empoyees that work the beach)....The young mexican, semi-americanized entrapanuers just stared at us with hostility and one told me to go F--K my wife in spanish....what idiots these concessionaires think most of us are...then came the Taxi thing again.... no more 20 pesos into town(5 minutes away from LaRopa ...they tried for 25 and 30 pesos DURING THE DAY...we know that night is 25 Pesos...still then they expect a tip....At a small convience store the old woman waited to see if I was an idiot before she gave me back the 5 pesos she owed me in change from my purchase of water. Even at one of the famed LaRopa beach hangs..a waiter waited us out at closing time, not wanting to bring change back....its paradise lost ...when this starts to dig into the society its just a matter of time before it turns into a border town mentality...what happened?...please explain...and now NO Water..what a set up....a squeeze play if you will...sorry to say we will never return to Z.....human kind has been TV and fashion and did I mention knows how to act consistantly or graciously....and Americans visiting Z are taken for granted. Our accomodations at Villa Guadelupe were perfect hower. We are glad we read your posts about buying school supplies for the poor public schools , that made our morning real and we were glad to have been able to put many school supplies into the hands of the classrooms teachers..still the administator of the school there never cracked a smile and was seemingly put off that we wanted to contribute. My wife is a school administrator in the States, and we just wanted to make a difference ..Good luck with the adios amigos...we are off to Fiji

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