Trip Report, 3/27-4/2/05

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Escrito por K in WI desde ( el día viernes, 08 de abril, 2005 a las 23:16:52 horas :

This was our first time in Zihua and we stayed at the Villa Mexicana. The hotel was wonderful, all brightly painted and decorated, excellent locat1on right on La Ropa, large balconies and rooms. I even thought the beds were comfortable but I like a firm mattress : ) The staff were GREAT although most spoke limited English. It was fun practicing my limited Spanish with them! Their restaurant was fine and inexpensive. We had our best meal at Il Mare--WONDERFUL food and view!!! La Perla is vastly overrated IMHO : ) Had a great tuna steak at Elvira's. Tried to do yoga one morning but the teacher was quite condescending to(again IMHO) and apparently wasn't used to working with beginners so I sat out (and was glad I did!!). Took a city tour (both Zihua & Ixtapa) which was very interesting. Took "ferry" (really just 10 person boats) to Los Gatos which was fun. They had some baby sea turtles there that they're going to release when they are older?? Very cute! Snorkeling wasn't the greatest, but I saw a few things, plus there's lots of big pufferfish around which were cool to see. The water was like bathwater : ) One of my favorite things was just exploring Zihua, the local market and shops (cool ribbon and fabric shop). The people are all SO friendly! Now on the downside, we all (there were 5 of us) experienced "tourista," which put me off a little. Immodium cleared it up for the most part, but after that I didn't feel comfortable eating a lot of things I normally would (I've been to Mexico 2x (Cozumel and Riviera Maya) previously and never had this problem. I've been home a week and each morning my stomach just doesn't feel right, but it's getting better little by little. I don't drink alcohol and have dark skin so can handle the sun, so don't think that was the problem. Other than that tho, our trip was wonderful. I'm glad I was able to visit this little piece of heaven! : )

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