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Sailfish: We get a large influx of sailfish here in November through Jan., and maybe a couple of weeks into Feb. We do have sailfish here year round and they are the year round bread and butter game fish of the sport fishing fleet. In any of the other months, other than the winter months, you can expect an average of two fish a day caught, tagged and released. The winter months can yield our year round average, or up to 15 to 20 fish a day. A 10 to 12 fish day is not at all unusual.
We have decent fishing right up and until the full moon, but it tapers off on the second day, until about 5 to 6 days after.
Fly fishing is best when you can get the most shots, which means most fly fishermen come during the dark of the moon through to the date of the full moon periods of the winter months.

Marlin: The blue and black marlin start showing as soon as the water starts cooling in the fall. November can be an outstanding month. Depending on the current, it may take as late as early Jan. to get the desired 78 water. April will have many marlin, but you may have to pay a fuel premium and travel 35 to 45 miles to find the blue water (see below).
Our favorite months would be after the first week of May, until the middle of June. This is when the water is cooler, yet the blue water current is close. The fish are within 2 to 20 miles. This last May 6, 2002, I got my client a 650 pound blue less than 5 miles off the beach.
Striped marlin, like they get in abundance in Cabo San Lucas, are rare here. They are a cooler water species.

April: We get an annual cold green water current here in April.
Sometimes it can come about the middle of March and sometimes it will linger through the first week of May. By the second week of May it is always gone.
This green water current shoves the blue water out to 25 to 45 miles. The big tuna and the marlin are here, but in the blue water. To go after them takes a fuel surcharge that varies with each boat.

Tuna: The big tuna (200 to 350 pounds) basically follow the same pattern as the marlin. Smaller tuna (to 60 pounds) are here year round. Live bait is the best method for getting them. Slow trolling a large mackerel or a 3 pound bonito will get a 200 pound plus tuna almost every time you can locate the school. Tuna is the one species that seems to be very active during the full moon period.

Roosterfish: The roosterfish here are huge. I have rarely caught a fish under 20 pounds. The average seems to be between 30 and 40 pounds. Several fish are caught at 50 pounds and a couple every year go 75 and 80 pounds.

The best times for roosters seems to be May through December. However, they are here year round, because they are not a highly migratory species like the tuna or billfish. Find the concentrations of fish, and you will get fish in any month. If I had to pick the slowest time of the year, I would say it would be March and April.

Fly fishing is a real challenge because you generally get only one shot at a rooster. A sailfish can be brought back to the boat several times, but a rooster hits the bait once, and takes off. However, combine the hot jack cravalle action we get into while looking for the right rooster, and you can have a great day on the water.

Dorado: Year round. They are most abundant in the heavy rain months of August and September (and often into October and November) because the weeds, trees, etc. are washed out of the rivers. This gives the dorado structure to identify with and will concentrate them.
Other times of the year, the dorado are an incidental catch while trolling for sailfish. They average about 20 to 25 pounds, and because they are mature fish, they no longer travel in schools.

Wahoo: An incidental catch that occurs in the blue water. When the blue water is close to the beach, they can be caught trolling around the rock pinnacles. The white rocks are always a good bet when the blue water is there. Unfortunately when you target them, you may get 5 today, and then they will be gone tomorrow.
Ed Kunze

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