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Escrito por El Atun Grande desde ( el día sábado, 09 de abril, 2005 a las 21:05:12 horas :

En respuesta a: Zihua to Patzcuaro escrito por KW desde ( el día viernes, 08 de abril, 2005 a las 11:22:48 horas :

I will play devil's advocate and say that if you are only going for two days and there are two or more of you that renting a car and driving up might make sense.

it will be just about 1000mxn for the bus tickets ZIH-UPN, then if you take a taxi both ways to Patzcuaro another 400-500 depending on the deal you can make (you pay the tolls).

Driving you can spend about 900mxn for the rent a car (including insurance), about 250mxn for gas, and about 200mxn for tolls (depending on which route you take), which is just about a wash. It will save you at least two hours coming and going without the hassle of dragging your bags through a bus terminal on both ends. You have you can make your own schedule and at your own pace. The road between Zihua and Uruapan is autopista and it will take you between 2hr30min and 3hr00 depending on your speed and traffic. I would take a combo of Autopista and Libre (free) road to and from Patzcuaro. Take the autopista past the first tollbooth and get off on the free road to Patzcuaro which takes you along the lakeshore into the town. A beautiful drive.

Then come back all the way on the free road, stop and see the ruins and spend the night in Uruapan. Stew likes the Plaza or the Real, I can't remember which one, but I would choose the Mision de Capuitzio (about 1000mxn per night, but a truly great hotel) or the Pie de la Sierra which lies above Uruapan up in the pine forests (it borders an avacado orchard) for about 500mxn per night. The next day you can tour the parque (there are three in Uruapan), stroll the plaza, then come home at your own pace.
The drive is not bad at all. The worst part is leaving Zihua and past Ixtapa due to traffic.
I drive between Zihua and Uruapan once a week and haven't had any problems since they opened up the full length of 37D.
Another option is to visit Morelia, founded in 1540 as the city of Valladolid. I am sure Scott could recommend many exciting things to do in his home city.

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