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I must slightly disagree with you amigo as I consider Mision de Capuitzio a very good, but not great hotel. I stayed there on my first trip & the grounds are lovely, nice pool, the staff excellent & the cafe good, but atleast my room had way too much furniture in it & the bathroom was small & a bit dark. Rates where 1116 pesos for one & 1435 for two in a standard room. Suites where around 2500 pesos. locat1on is very good as you can enter the park out the back entrance & also is across the street from The Trucha but since that is open only in the day time your only practical choice for dinner is the hotel.
I found the Plaza (797 pesos) better for a few reasons. Room was twice the size as the Mision, bathrooms larger & better apointed, a 32" TV w/the best cable I have ever had in Mexico, a sitting area seperate from the bedroom area & lovely wide hallways. They also give you 2 free drink coupons which we did not use. We only ate in the cafe for breakfast so I can not commet on it as I had only juice, cafe' & corn flakes as we had planned a large lunch at La Trucha. The staff was as good as Mision with a desk clerk who speaks better English than I do! I also liked being on the main plaza being a city boy at heart. The morning we were there they had a childrens recital (all dressed up as various birds & animals) at the stage that we would have missed had we not stayed in El Central. I would give the Mision a 8 & the Plaza a 9.

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