Best rooms at Catalina!

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Escrito por Carliey desde ( el día domingo, 10 de abril, 2005 a las 13:37:53 horas :

I realize this is a FAQ! I've read through some of the old posts, but I wanted to ask it fresh. We are actually booking a room for next Feb (2006). As a child, my parents took me to La Ropa beach and as a family - now with my children, we have all decided to go back! Very exciting. We want to stay on the Catalina side and we need two rooms (7 people).

I'm just wondering if I should try and request them side by side. If my parents should have one closer to the main level (but what about the views?). We really want the deluxe rooms.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding this! I read one post and then lost it about Rm 00 (?). This may be the only time we can go back as an extended family to La Ropa and I want it to be very special.

Thanks! Carliey

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