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Escrito por Katie desde (?) el día sábado, 14 de enero, 2006 a las 14:15:15 horas :

En respuesta a: Posada Real escrito por kathy desde ( el día sábado, 14 de enero, 2006 a las 10:46:59 horas :

We stayed at the Posade 3 years in a row, and finally decided to switch to the Radisson. The rooms are very small and there are no balconies, just a small window to peer through when wanting to look outside. It does have a great pool and the food is OK, I get better down the street at Casa Morelos or Malinche's. The rooms are kept clean but the noise from Carlos and Charlie's can be quite loud so most times we had to sleep with windows closed, which bothered us since we love to hear the ocean at night. The hotel needs many repairs to things like furnishings and bathrooms, so it does need some updating as well.

Another reason we switched was due to the rudeness from desk staff at check in and throughout out stay. However, once we tipped Pedro, the head guy, we were treated much better. We just don't think a tip should get us better treatment, we think the tip should be for receiving proper treatment during our stay.

Also after our third trip we finally were positive the maids were stealing our clothes from our suitcases. Bra's and shirts were always missing from our bag when we would get home 3 years in a row. Went to PV the following 2 years, and nothing turned up missing those trips. We believe in most cases it was done on our last day there and these items were removed from the dirty clothes case, not from the clean clothes pile. We tipped the maids everyday so we were discouraged that they would do this to us since we treated them with courtesy and respect for the job they do well.

Try it if you like, it is a quaint place and for the most part we enjoyed our stay there, no fighting over beach chairs under the palapas, so that was a plus for us, and it is very clean. The pool really is the most attractive part of this hotel. However, I would advise keeping your bags locked with the new TSA locks when not in the room, to assure no missing items for when you return home. We also stayed in the same room every year, where as our friends stayed on the other side of the hotel and never had missing items, so we think it was the same maid over and over again, since we remembered her from each year prior. We just always thought we were wrong until we could never find the items anywhere in our house again.

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