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Escrito por TimTex desde ( el día martes, 17 de enero, 2006 a las 18:05:39 horas :

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It is well worth the walk. There is 1 serious hill to go up but it is a good cobblestone trail.
In June someone had put a fence across where the gate once was near the top. You can get around the fence, but it would be a little tricky for the very young or not-so-young. My mother-in-law bailed out at that point. Not sure if the fence is still there, but thought you should know about it. We were hanging out at Otilia restraunt (highly recommended) and Franco showed us the way. He acted as if that fence were something new to him. I'm sure he would do the same for you.

here is one view from there:

I hope that works...

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