What's With the Lighthouse

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Escrito por La Linda desde (c-69-181-200-221.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) el día miércoles, 18 de enero, 2006 a las 23:34:12 horas :

Just back from a great trip. I will send a trip report later, but there was one annoying incident. My husband and I walked to Las Gatas Beach and intended to walk on to the lighthouse after snorkeling. Our waiter told us we could find the path after the last restaurant. When we got to the end of the beach we did not see anything that looked like the paved pathway we had heard about, but there were three guys lounging at a table of what looked like an inoperative restaurant. When I asked them whether there was a path to the lighthouse there, they said "Yes, but you have to pay this guy a tip". This didn't seem right, but we asked how much and the amount seemed excessive.

So we just walked on to Owen's, hoping to find information or an alternative path there. The place seemed to be in a state of suspended animation--we didn't see much of anyone so just walked around the point on a nice trail over rocks. I was getting hopeful that this would at least be a nice hike that would make up for our failure to get to the lighthouse. But suddenly I looked ahead and saw a romantic couple. They had their clothes on, but it seemed rude to interrupt them and there seemed to be no way around them. so we went back an snorkeled again.

Looking ahead to next year though, I'd like to know
#1 Where exactly is this trail?
#2 Are these vatos entitled to charge a fee? If so what is the least we can get away with paying?
#3 Is there an alternative trail?
#4 How far can you get walking around the point? I read something that gave me the idea that there might be a trail as far as Playa Manzanillo. Is that possible?

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